UPCE barcode are work is important to understand to basic structure of universal product code and consist of basic components are manufacturer code, product code and check- digit. manufacturer and product code are combined and compressed into single 8-digit number and achieved through process known zero suppression. Check digit is calculating use in same algorithm of standard UPC barcode and add to end compressed code from UPCE barcode. zeros suppression is help to reduces risk of error to enter the barcode in system. UPSE barcode tool is useful for tracking and identify product in retail to continue grow in future. Application of UPCE barcode is wide range in various industry are*UPCE barcode used in retail environments to identify and track product and scanning barcode are quickly retrieve information product like price, description and inventory status. *Barcode used to identify and track medical devices, equipment and pharmaceuticals and scanning can quickly across important product like expiration date, lot number and manufactures. *UPCE barcode are increase used in E-commerce environment to streamline online shopping experiences and improved customer experience and increase sales. *Document management to use barcode for company can quickly and accurately track location and status such as contracts, invoices and receipts. Some type of barcode for UPCE barcode are length, check digit, product identification, scanning, encoding and international use. How to fixed maximum and minimum length of UPCE barcode? Length is derived form compression use to generate barcode form 12-digit UPC-A code to identify same product and fixed length of UPCE barcode to make efficient for smaller product, to allow for accurate and reliable identification and tracking of consumer. Structure of UPCE barcode is compressed version of standard UPD barcode and product code is create through process for zero suppression and involve remove leading zero from product code.
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