Window barcode software can generate to industry standard and specification such code39, code 128 and EAN and barcode accurate scanned and read by scanner. Some accuracy of barcode create by windows barcode software are several factors are quality of barcode label, barcode are quality can be affected by printing method used, resolution of the barcode and different barcode format have different levels of accuracy. Barcode software can generate different types of barcodes including 1D barcode (UPC code, EAN cade and code 39) and 2D barcode (QR Code and Data matrix code) and commonly used in industry to depend application and requirement. Software for window ac generate multiple barcodes on depending specify barcode type used and some barcode offer batch processing for specific criteria or setting. Barcode software is create intended for mobile scanning and ensure large and high enough resolution to easily scanned with mobile devices. Barcodes types can generate using software window and customized with various setting are size, colour, and error correction level. Window barcode tool is support to integration with program. Some barcode software can integration with system are barcode provide APIS to allow other software to communicate and enable to automate creation of barcode label from own software application, Barcode system for windows can integrated with database system like Microsoft excel, Access, SQL Server, enterprise resources planning and warehousing system and software offer plug-ins to allow integration with other application. Technical support for issued related to barcode software for window are before purchasing barcode software to review the vendor’s support such as email, phone and online chat support and training resources and helpful to read review and testimonial from user with product and vendor’s support services.
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