Structure of Telepen Barcode: Telepen Barcode is made two types of bars: Hollow bars and solid bars. Hollow bars represent zero and solid bars represent ones. Width of each bar is important, as its different bar represents a zero or one. Each character is represented by a series of five bars and four spaces. The first and fifth bars are always solid, while the second, third, and fourth bars can be either solid or hollow. Applications of Telepen Barcode: Telepen Barcode has a wide range of applications in some industries. *Retail: It’s used in retail industries to track and identify items or products. This helps to ensure that inventory is properly tracked and managed, reducing the risk of stock outs and overstocking. *Healthcare Industry: It is used in medication labelling and tracking, as well as in clinics and hospitals around the world. *Manufacturing Industry: Software are used in manufacturing to track and identify products as they move through the production process. *Banking Industry: It’s used in banking to encode account numbers and other customer information on checks and other financial documents. *Libraries Industry: They are used in libraries to track and identify track books and other library materials. It helps to ensure that library materials are properly tracked and accounted for, reducing risk of lost or stolen items. How to Telepen Barcode is different from other barcode types? *Telepen can encode both alphabetic and numeric characters, while other barcode types may only encode numeric characters. *Telepen has a unique stop and start character that is different from other barcode types. *Telepen can encode special characters such as commas and brackets, which is not possible with other barcode types. *Telepen can encode up to 11 characters per barcode symbol, which is less than other barcode types such as QR code and code 128. *Telepen barcodes from other types of barcodes.
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