Can User schedule messages to be sent at a later time using Mac Bulk SMS Software?Yes, user can schedule messages to be sent at a later time is a general feature in Mac Bulk SMS software. Software allows user to set a specific time and date for messages to be sent, ensuring that they reach recipients at the desired moment. There are scheduling messages typically some works in Bulk SMS software.*Reporting and Conformation: The schedule messages to be sent, the software provides reporting and conformation features. It allows you to verify that messages were sent successfully and provide insights into the delivery status of each message.*Time and Date section: user can select specific time and date for sending your messages. Application provides drop-down menus or a calendar where user can choose the desired time and date.*Automation Sending: Application handled the sending process in batches to timely delivery and ensure efficient.What is the maximum number of messages that can be sent by Mac Bulk SMS Software?There are some factors that may affect the maximum number of messages user can send.*Service Provider or SMS Gateway limits: Service Provider or SMS Gateway that facilitates the delivery of messages to mobile networks.*Regulatory Considerations: Different regions and countries may have guidelines or regulation in place regarding the sending of bulk SMS messages. *Mac Computer Specifications: The hardware specifications of Mac, such as the memory (RAM), processing power, and storage capacity, can influence the number of messages you can send efficiently. Customize the message content using Mac Bulk SMS Software: -* Templates allow user to save and predefine commonly used messages with placeholders for dynamic information.*Personalization tokens are special codes or variables that you can insert into the message content. *Data Merge allows user to import tokens are special variables or codes that user can insert into the message content.
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