How to make sure that the student identification badges are attractive to the eyes? Have a look: *Typography and fonts: By choosing typography which enhance the readability and defines the desired pattern. Select fonts wisely that are required and appropriate for the design of the identity badge. User can do experiment with font combinations to create display interest and to make attractive the design. *Branding and visual identity: Make the identity badge design compatible with the school's branding and basic identity. Add the school reflecting colours, logo, and typography to create an impressive look and feel. *Unique design elements: By considering attractive illustrations, icons, or textures which are important to the institution or the student community. *Research and inspiration: User can explore different design styles, colour schemes, typography, and layout ideas. Research will help user to collect ideas and understand desired design trends. *Test and iterate: Collect constructive feedback and apply on the design based on the basis of reviews received. This iterative process makes sure that the design improves and fulfils the desired requirements. *Colour palette: Use colour combination strategically to create contrasting badge designs. Consider the combination of colours and how colours can represent particular associations. *Use high quality images and graphics: By using images and graphics that are related to the school or the student's academic journey. Avoid low quality images and graphics that may detract the user from the overall design. *Attention to details: Check for typing mistakes and errors in information. *Stay unique: By avoiding copying designs directly from other resources to maintain authenticity. User should focus on designing a badge that reflects the institutional’ s identity and captures the attention of students and staff.
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