Some basic difference between employee identification card and customization: Purpose: For visitor Identity: *visitor ID card is issued to individuals who are visiting an organization temporarily, such as clients, contractors, or guests. It serves as a temporary identification document to grant limited access and track their presence within the premises. *For Employee ID:An employee ID card is issued to permanent or long-term employees of an organization. It serves as a form of identification and is used to grant access to various areas of the organization, track attendance, and enable other employee-related functions. *Duration: For visitor card: Visitor ID card is typically valid for a limited period, often for the duration of the visitor's stay within the organization. *For employee id: An employee ID card is issued for an extended period or indefinitely, as long as the employee remains with the organization. *Access and privileges: *For visitors id: Visitor ID card usually grants limited access rights to specific areas within the organization. The access may be restricted to certain floors, rooms, or designated areas. Visitor cards often have clearly defined expiration dates and limited functionality to ensure security. *For employee id: An employee ID card provides broader access privileges based on the employee's role and responsibilities within the organization. *Design and information: For visitor id: Visitor ID cards typically have a distinct design or colour scheme that differentiates them from employee cards. *Security: *For visitor id: Visitor ID cards focus on temporary identification and tracking rather than extensive security features. They are often collected or deactivated upon visitor's departure to ensure they cannot be reused. *The security measures are more robust to safeguard against potential misuse or unauthorized duplication of employee card.
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