UCC/EAN-128 Barcode used in supply chain management and logistics applications, encoded information such as batch numbers, product numbers, expiry dates and other data related to inventory management and product tracking. Barcode is composed of different elements, including application identifier, start code, check digit and data. Its identifier is two- or three-digit number that indicates type of data being encoded, such as a batch number or product number. Software allows for encoding of a wide range of data types, including time and date stamps.UCC/EAN-128 Barcode’s applications: *Serial number tracking: Encoding serial numbers in the barcode, retailers and manufacturers can accurately and quickly identify specific products and track movements through supply chain.*Logistics and Transportation: Software is used to track packages and shipments as they move through supply chain.* Electronic Data Interchange: Software used in shipping information, purchase order numbers, and product details in the barcode, trading partners can exchange information accurately quickly, reducing and errors supply chain efficiency.Structure of UCC/EAN-128 Barcode:Barcode structure consists of three parts: the start character, the data encoded using AI and data fields, and the stop character. Start character of software is usually the Code 128 start character. After AI, data field follows, which contains actual data to be encoded in barcode. The stop character of this software is usually the Code 128 stop character.What is the minimum and maximum length of UCC/EAN-128 Barcode?The minimum and maximum length of a UCC/EAN-128 barcode depend on the type of data being encoded and the application. UCC/EAN-128 barcode can be between 2 and 48 characters long, although it can be longer in some cases. First data element is the Application Identifier, which indicates type of data being encoded. Length of the data element depends on the specific AI being used.
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