Different types of visitors identification cards: *Temporary Visitor Identity Card: Temporary cards are mainly used for short-term visitors or guests who require access to a particular facility or event for a pre-determined duration. They basically display the visitor's name, a photograph, the date of issue, and the expiration date. *Employee Visitor Identity Card: Employee cards are used by employees to identify themselves when they are visiting another facility or organization. It displays the employee's name, photograph, company name, and their position in department. *Contractor Id Cards: These cards basically include the contractor's name, company logo, photograph, and details of the work that are being performed. They also specify access levels and validity periods. *Event badges: Event badges mainly include the participant's name, organization, event logo, and sometimes a barcode or QR code for tracking attendance and for granting access to specific areas within the event. *Security Access Cards: Access visitor identification card makers also offer the ability to produce access control cards that grant particular levels of entry or restricted access within a facility. *Customized Cards: Customized cards can include essential information of company logos, colour schemes, unique designs, or additional data fields based on the client's requirements. Reuse of visitors id cards: Various visitor ID cards are designed for multiple uses and these cards are made of durable materials like Polyvinyl Chloride or laminated paper, which allows them to survive in every conditions. Recycling of visitor cards: Visitor identity cards made by plastic or PVC and often not recyclable through considering municipal recycling programs. The reason is the difficulty to separating the PVC material from other plastics and the lack of recycling resources for these specific items.
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