The maximum and minimum length of a Telepen barcode depends on the version of symbology being used. The length of a Telepen barcode is determined by the amount of information that needs to be encoded and can vary depending on the specific application and location. There are some versions of Telepen:*Telepen Alphanumeric: It can encode both alphabetic and numeric characters, as well as a limited set of special characters such as periods, commas, and hyphens. *Telepen Numeric: It is simplest version of the Telepen symbology and can only encode numeric characters.*Telepen Full ASCII: It is the most advanced version of Telepen symbology and can encode full range of American Standard Code for Information Interchange characters. Advantages: *Software include built-in error correction, which means that even if some of spaces or bars are missing or damaged, the data can still be decoded and read. *It can encode a large amount of data in a relatively small space.*Software can be read accurately and quickly by barcode scanner, which are widely affordable and available. What are the limitations of Telepen barcode?*Telepen barcode is an internationally recognized standard, it may not be as familiar to barcode scanners and software as more common types such as Code 128 or Code 39.*It may not be suitable for applications that require a specific symbology. *Software has a limited scanning range compared to other barcode type. *It may not be secure other barcode type that include more advanced security features. How to read and decode of Telepen barcode?Telepen barcode is decode and read using a barcode reader or scanner. The scanner reads the pattern of spaces or bars for each character, and uses a lookup table to determine the corresponding character.
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