FEATURES OF USING DATABAR BARCODE: Databar barcode, also known as Reduced Space Symbology (RSS), is popular choice in various industries due to its compact size, high data density, ease of reading, variable length, multiple data types, built-in error correction, security features, and cost-effectiveness. It is ideal for small items like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and can store a lot of information in a small space. It is easy to read, suitable for high-speed production lines and logistics applications. DATABAR BARCODE DECODE AND READ: Barcode scanner uses light to create a digital image of a barcode, decoded by software. Data is verified against pre-set rules to ensure correct reading. Databar barcodes can be read by handheld and fixed scanners, connected to computers or mobile devices via USB or wireless. Decoding software is typically included with the scanner or downloaded from the manufacturer's website. What can be information encoded in a databar barcode? Databar symbology is used to encode a limited set of characters, including numeric digits, uppercase letters, and special characters like space, hyphen, and period. They also include a check digit to detect errors during scanning. Quiet zones are required on either side of the barcode to help the scanner detect the beginning and end. Common symbols include Databar-14, Databar Limited, Databar Expanded, and Databar Limited. Databar-14 has a fixed length of 14 digits, while Databar Limited has a variable length of up to 74 digits. Databar Expanded has a variable length of up to 174 characters. MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM SIZE OF A DATABAR BARCODE: Databar barcodes are used in retail to encode small amounts of data, such as GTIN codes or coupons. They come in three subsets: Databar Expanded, Databar Limited, and Databar Stacked. Databar Expanded can encode up to 74 characters, while Databar Limited can encode up to 26 characters. Databar Stacked can encode up to 74 characters in a stacked format.
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