Website provides bulk SMS gateway program for conveniently forwarding enormous amount of text messages to desired number of user contacts with facility to send messages holding complete information of business provided products and offered services featured with text editor having no character space limitations and support for all type of English and Unicode character sets. Affordable messages text publishing application provides finest functionality to send distinct or customized SMS to every contact saved in excel files browsed from hard disk memory of computer machine. Effective bulk SMS gateway software provides effective mobile phone connection wizard that guides non-technical person to easily connect and operate multiple GSM technology based mobile phone devices to Windows computer system for ease of operability with help manual at every step of text composing and sending process. Versatile text SMS publishing software send bulk quantity of message to mobile user contacts featured with option of delayed delivery that improves successful SMS delivery status via pausing messages transmission as per user customized settings resulting in better publicity of your provided product and services. Proficient bulk SMS gateway allows user to create and store large list of messages recipients by importing contact details from mobile phone book memory, customized groups stored in cell phone and excel data sheets from system storage. Features: *Text SMS broadcasting application provides simple to access interface for ease of operability. *Bulk SMS gateway provides exclusion list wizard that removes blacklisted contacts from recipient list. *Messages forwarding software provides option to send SMS as standard text or notification message. *SMS sending program automatically stores sent messages in system memory for future reference and usage.
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