Create your user profile and master password on Akick Password Safeguard software. After creating a profile, log in to protect any file or folder on your PC by setting a password. In case of maser lock, master password for locking is used. Specific lock allows assigning a unique password to a file or folder. Unlocking can be done with the saved specific password. To lock, just browse a file or folder from a drive and use a password to lock it. To unlock, select listed file or folder. Enter password. There is also an option to hide a file or folder. User profile details can be changed and updated. Akick Password Safeguard allows users to recover lost and forgotten password. This software is designed to keep files and folders safe from unauthorized access. So, your data is kept secure and protected with a password and locking system. Being user-friendly, the software can store dozens of passwords on its database. Its easy user-interface allows anyone to use this software to protect files and folders. It maintains password privacy with easy password recovery process that makes this software very useful. The software is armed with quality features and so it is able to save multiple passwords. Installation and activation of this tool is easy on your PC. By creating a user profile and master password, users get quick access to lock and unlock files and folders. In this way, unauthorized users cannot access PC resources without user's permission. This software also prevents password sharing and so your data gets better protection. It is safe from latest viruses and its activation is also simple. Compatibility: No matter! Which operating system is in your PC, this tool is compatible with almost all version of windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP etc. There is also a contact us option with toll free numbers for USA, UK, India, Australia, and New Zealand. By calling on these numbers, users can find support for this software anytime. The new 1.3 version is available for trial version.
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Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinMobile,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP
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