Pocket PC to mobile SMS messaging application enable user to create messages in its own language (either in English or Non-English character) and distribute them in bulk to various national or international mobile users at a single click. Corporate text message sender software sends various job alerts, meeting schedule, conference details, share market news, product promotion etc to its employee and other related person and helps you to distribute various invitation, greeting, wishes etc to your relatives. Group SMS software does not require internet connection, gateway or additional software to broadcast messages, avoid manual keypad typing and facilitate user to produce messages using normal keyboard. Software transmit unlimited number of SMS to any GSM / CDMA supported mobile phone and support all manufactures of windows mobile like Samsung, HP iPAQ, Sharp W-Zero3, i-Mate, Motorola MPx200, Hitachi pocket pc phone, O2 Xphone, Siemens, Orange SPV E200 smart phone etc. Graphical user interface based program provide inbuilt help manual, easily used by any technical as well as non technical user and allow keeping in touch with your friends and relatives. We suggest you to download demo version of software to understand with its working and procedure. Pocket PC Bulk Text Messaging Software Features: * Create text messages in either English or Unicode character supported language. * Support all types of windows based mobile phone including Pocket PC, PDA and Smart Phone. * Facilitate user to write SMS using keyboard instead of mobile keypad. * Broadcast messages to unlimited number of users at single time. * Provide complete install and uninstall support with inbuilt help manual. * Design and develop for all manufactures and brands of Pocket PC. * Does not require any internet connection or gateway. * Allow to be in contact with your employee, friends and relatives. * Assist user to enter number manually or import from saved text file.
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Windows 11,Windows 10,Windows 10 x64,Windows 8,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Other
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