Mobile phone SIM card data recovery tool supports GSM SIM card of various technologies including 2G and 3G and provides complete recovery of all lost or erased information of the SIM card of any country or any network service provider. SIM card information backup device recovers missing phonebook contact numbers, contact names, text messages from inbox, outbox, sent items and from draft with sender number, date and time. USB SIM card reader manufactures software supports any PC/SC and Phoenix standard SIM card reader hardware device. Mobile SIM card recovery software gives complete details related to service provider name, location, IMSI number, ICC-ID identification number that is printed inside the chip of the SIM card. Software recovers deleted and corrupted data from the SIM card memory that lost due to accidental corruption, virus infection or improper handling and rescue data even SIM card is not detected by your cell phone. Deleted SIM card SMS reader software supports all Microsoft windows based operating system like Win 98, Win XP, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003 server and all edition of Windows Vista. SIM card data revelation tool generate report of recovered data in text format and facilitate to save it at user specified location at laptop, desktop or notebook computer. Features: * Supports GSM SIM card of various technologies including 2G and 3G. * Work with all standards like PC/SC standard, Phoenix standard based SIM card reader. * Generate report which allow user to view date and sending time of text messages very easily and quickly. * Support all windows based operating systems like Win 98, XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, ME, NT etc. * Recover SMS from SIM card of any service provider. * Shows erased SIM IMSI and identification number. * Easily restore all deleted contact name, numbers and other previously saved information of SIM card.
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