Remo Repair PSD Mac runs a simple scan through the damaged Photoshop PSD/PDD image files and extracts data, which is then saved into a new, healthy image PSD/PDD file. However, the software retains the original file with its contents for the benefit of the user. It also recovers other items such as the layers, color modes, etc. Reasons for PSD/PDD file corruption:  Third-party software used to recover lost or deleted PSD/PDD files  Attempt to load PSD files on incompatible Photoshop versions  Disturbance during editing or saving a PSD file  Malfunction of Adobe Photoshop  Using unreliable software to compress PSD files  Trying to edit or modify PSD files from removable drives Remo Repair PSD Mac also handles other common PSD errors. The software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS. Features of Remo Repair PSD Mac:  The software fixes any PSD or PDD files and recovers its layers too  The tool supports large-sized PSD and PDD files  Supports PSD image files of 1, 8, 16, 32 bits per channel  PDD file with different color modes are also repaired by the software What makes Remo Repair PSD Mac special?  Simple –interface – The software comes with an effective GUI  Non-destructive mechanism – It preserves the original form of the corrupted image file as it is  Specific algorithm – It is also equipped with a specific algorithm that repairs corrupted PSD files securely in less time  Demo version – The Demo version of Remo Repair PSD Mac allows the user to use the application, fixes corruptions.
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